~*~Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than they? ~*~ Matthew 6:26

July 31, 2013

Life is Fantabulous.... Stuff has sold.... and School is starting! What the WHAT?

 So it's been about two weeks since I started creating my primitive goodies again! 
I am So enjoying it! 
Below is "Grace" who has SOLD to a sweet lady in California! 
She made it there today safe and sound!

Her crown and wings were made from actual OLD music sheets
 that I decopauged (how the heck do you spell that? Lordy!) 
on some thick paper!!

Her star was all hand-stitched.... LOVE IT!!

 Her eyes were FUN... I was a bit nervous creating them because it had
been such a long time since I have done any like this!! 
I think they turned out wonderful... WHEW!!

"Grace" is SOLD, but yours can be special ordered if you'd like!! 
(65.00 plus shipping)
email me at: Cawofthecrow@aol.com 

 "HOPE" cross has SOLD also!!
I have another one for SALE though that is similar and available on my Etsy website:

"Simplify" Angel Shelf Sitter has also SOLD!! 
Hot Diggity Dog!!

She was SO fun to make!! 
I'm thinking about make a sweet black one soon! 

"HOPE" Raggedy Ann is still available at: 
She needs a sweet little girl to LOVE her!!

 "Just Be" Raggedy Ann is also available at: 
She's a sweet reminder  that you need to "Just Be"... 

And then there's Mr. Chunky Snowman in July!!! 
He still needs a warm cozy home to sail away to!! 

Awe... here's the other "Hope" that is STILL available!! 
 So NOW...... I need to get busy again after I go "clothes" shopping for 
school with My Sammie Poo Poo!!! 
Whew... wish me luck! This girl CAN shop!! 
Just ask her Grandma...... 
(FOREVER and EVER 21!)

Until next time folks!!!
Be blessed! Love each other! 
Tell each other you love each other! 
Remember that life is Fantabulous 
except when the school year first starts, then it just stinks!! Ha!
Love & Hope, 

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